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The Learning Lunch podcast explores ideas, approaches and social innovations - creating opportunity for non-profit organisations' teams to discover what others are learning and space to reflect on what these insights might mean for their own strategy and programme implementation.

Systems thinking for social innovation
Systems thinking for social innovation
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Have you heard of a brown-bag-lunch? A brown-bag-lunch is an informal meeting or learning opportunity in the workplace during the lunch hour. It is hosted once a month or every two weeks, and it is called a “brown-bag-lunch” because staff bring their lunches along and have them during the session.

Many non-profit organisations (NPOs) have tried to host a regular brown-bag-lunch series, but while this is always valued, for various reasons it rarely ends up being a sustained practice. The Learning Lunch is a podcast and reflection tool that seeks to help solve the problem of having a sustainable brown-bag-lunch series for NPOs.



The Learning Lunch features three types of episodes: Deep Dives; Nourish & Flourish; and Best Bites. Click on the tabs above to read more about them and to select a podcast that you would like to listen to from the category.

Each podcast/learning lunch session is structured as follows:

The Main meal
a 30-minute podcast
The Takeaways
instruction for a ±30-minute group reflection
Feeling Hungry?

Click on the ‘How to host’ tab for some guidelines on how to use the Learning Lunch podcast as a ‘brown-bag-lunch’ event at your NPO.


Our podcast presenters are Thuthula Mngenela, an experienced radio presenter and content producer who is passionate about assisting people to transform and evolve on their life journey while finding hope in all situations. We guarantee that she will cook up a good dish!


Hlumela is a Social Activist and Journalist based in Cape Town, South Africa. She is currently the Campaign Manager for DG Murray Trust. She is passionate about human-centred stories that dismantle single-story narratives and truly represent the realities of South Africans.

Click on the ‘How to host’ tab for some guidelines on how to use the Learning Lunch podcast as a ‘brown-bag-lunch’ event at your NPO.

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